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Think of us as information matchmakers. We facilitate meaningful conversations between some of the best minds across all industries. Share your expert opinions and consult with our clients, on your terms.

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From Media Buyers to Mortgage Brokers, We Seek People with a Unique Point of View.

What We Do

Our clients – investment funds, consultancies and corporations – need broader context and insight into the global industries they are researching. In addition to reading reports and speaking with sell-side analysts, they need to hear first-hand industry perspectives. This is why they come to Sbfund. We help our clients find honest, expert opinions from people with relevant industry experience.

Where You Fit In

Your direct experience in your field gives you a unique view of the world. When our clients come to us with questions, we source from our extensive global network to find them experts like you who can provide context and insight. Then, we connect you through a brief phone consultation or an in-person meeting.

Network Effect

Our consulting network makes finding new opportunities – and valuable professional connections – easier. As an expert, you will contribute your expertise to world-class companies and hear the questions people are asking about your industry. We know your time is valuable, so we only match you with highly targeted projects in your areas of expertise.

How It Works

Overview of Our Process

We source experts based on the specific needs of our clients, and will only match you with projects where you can comfortably provide relevant knowledge or a unique perspective on your industry.

Step 1

We receive a project request from a client

Step 2

We search our network

Step 3

We vet to make sure the project is a good fit for your expertise

Step 4

We schedule the consultation at your convenience

Step 5

You consult with our client

Step 6

You receive payment from Sbfund

Why Sbfund

The Benefits of Consulting with Sbfund

We pride ourselves on the quality of our service, the breadth of knowledge amongst our community of experts and our commitment to making the right match. Join our network of knowledge and be part of the conversations that are helping to shape the modern marketplace.


We take the security of our experts, clients and information very seriously. All consultations that are facilitated by Sbfund are strictly based around non-material, publicly available information; no if’s, and’s or but’s.

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Your time is valuable, and we want to make your membership in our network worth your while. We encourage our experts to set their own hourly rates based on industry standards, commensurate with their level of expertise and experience. Our experienced Sbfund analysts are happy to provide you with guidance if necessary.

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We facilitate 1-on-1 calls, in-person meetings, industry conference meetings, surveys and hosted webinar events.

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We are always looking for new experts to join our network. For each consultation your referral completes within the first twelve months of his or her membership in our network, you will receive a monetary bonus from Sbfund.

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Referral Program

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We work on projects across all industries, and welcome you to refer friends and colleagues who have similar areas of expertise to yourself, as well as those who are thought leaders in other sectors. As a Sbfund expert, you are in a prime position to inform others about your experiences with us, and to let them know how they can get involved. For each consultation that your referral completes within the first twelve months of his / her membership in our network, you will receive a referral bonus from Sbfund. It’s our way of saying “thanks” for spreading the word and for helping to grow our network of knowledge.

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