SB Corp - Lead To Social Business System

Since the world entered the digital era, human life has changed a lot, especially in business. Digital, Digital (Business), Digital (Business), Social (Social) have changed the sales model, from direct sales through personal contact, internet sales, telephone sales, social media sales, etc. After a period of development, these business practices have been saturated.

This is the time when enterprises need to get acquainted, to approach a new step of development process, connecting the value of people and the economy : Social Business. Social Business trends have been and will be the final destination of the world's largest corporations. Some big corporations around the world have formulated their Social Business strategy in their vision, such as IBM, Microsoft, Apple, Google, Facebook.

The new social-business model, based on the foundations of the Internet, is preferred by businesses
The new social-business model, based on the foundations of the Internet, is preferred by businesses

Social Business is a new form of business development, developed on the basis of Social Media (social media), the chain of enterprises using the same technology infrastructure, management, source product supply, human resources, sales process ... At the same time, this is also the form of business on the social network, so the goal of social business is to exploit the social networking market by combining solutions for people, processes and technology.

The social business model is a combination of people, processes, and technology to create a Platform System that gives manufacturers the ability to rely on the Social Operating System to distribute products. The Social Business Supply is the solution for businesses to reduce pressure on marketing, advertising, communications, increase sales effectiveness, help businesses optimize costs and maximize profits.

Today, with social media tools and software such as Facebook, Zalo, Beetalk, Line, Viber, etc., social networking has begun to form with great potential and will become a new trend. Entering into the social entrepreneurial system, becoming a social entrepreneur, businesses will unite the community values, converge the essence of society and lead to create a wealthy community through Sharing resources, creating conditions for young people to start their own businesses, finding new directions, solving unemployment and creating more jobs for workers. Social business will help businesses to flow goods faster, money will turn around faster, the company revenue will certainly breakthrough and sustainable development.

According to Ta Chau Son, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Social CRM Joint Stock Company, Specialist in Enterprise Restructuring, Social Business is the science of Business Social Impact, sustainable development strategy of businesses.Helping and sharing with the community material and spiritual values, contributing to improving the quality of social life, and addressing unemployment are the indispensable social responsibilities of businesses to create a community. Copper protects the business in the face of difficulties and crises.

The latest form of Social Business in the world is Social Business as a model for developing and connecting values ​​and resources in society. The concepts used in Social Business include: Social CRM - Human Resource Management; Social Franchise; Social Enterprise.

Social Business has helped the trust of the business community and has spread to the society, making the circulation of goods more convenient, the flow of money in society is turning faster. , improve and increase income for the people, create better purchasing power of the community, be a powerful source of growth for the national economy. The special social meanings of social business are social enterprise modeling and large-scale unemployment settlement.