The Blockchain & IoT Platform for planting & connecting trees

TreeChain Network

With the creation of a decentralized economic model combining with the technological foundations of the future such as AI, BigData, Nano Techologies, Blockchain, etc. TreeChain Network will help more than 1,500 billion trees connected to Earth. They will become a smart tree network that helps the community evolve and develop into a new form: a balanced ecosystem that benefits both nature and humanity. It will encorage the establishment of tens of thousands of organizations & New business with millions of jobs created.

TreeChain Maps

TreeChain Maps will be built on a digital mapping platform base on Blockchain & IoT, which helps manage and reuse the entire TreeChain Network's multi-billion tree planting system globally.

Through the bio-chip attached to each individual tree before planting, the BC will activate and store the entire index data, the location of the tree and return to the decentralized database application platform that is developed base on blockchain technology. 

TreeChain Maps has the ability to retrieve locale and information of individual tree species from this database.

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