Raising the Bar

Our guiding principle for driving results in today’s ultra-competitive business landscape revolves around optimizing knowledge and putting it into the hands of our clients and our partner. We dedicated to Maximum Income, Optimal Management and Sustainable Development Capital. This permeates how we identify and engage experts, powers, finance, social resources and our internal processes, even our culture.

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Our Story

Quality Makes All the Difference

In 2015, Mr. Harry Vu (Pham Vu Hiep) and Mr. Taijo (Ta Chau Son)  founded SBFund and SBFund Social Think-Tank to give investors a better way to access industry knowledge. SBFund helps hundreds of clients and dedicate to help thousands of clients get answers to their most critical questions, without leaving their desks. Rather than spending hours reading research reports, or traveling to meet people at conferences, we connect clients directly with industry experts, industry powers, industry resources to hear immediate, relevant insights.

SBFund has served more than 1,000 individuals at hundreds of global investment firms (Social Financial), consultancies and corporations. We've built a network that spans all industries and geographies, with experts in more than 2,000 cities worldwide. Even as we continue to grow, the relationships we've built – with our clients, our experts and our platform technologies  – remain at the heart of our business. Every interaction we have is based on trust and transparency.

In today's market, information is more available than ever before. But the need for specialized and authentic information, the kind of information that leads to insights, continues to be highly valued. That's why at SBFund we continually invest in cutting-edge technology and hiring top talent - all to help our customers get the knowledge they need to make the decisions that create value… and a competitive advantage.

SBFund: Make the Right Search ® , Make the Right Match ® , Make the Right Operator ® , Make the Right Optimization ®

Our Mission

Make the Right Match

Dedicated to providing the highest levels of service and access to leading industry expertise.

Commitment to Excellence

Delivering quality is central to everything we do at SBFund. Through our unwavering focus on service, integrity and speed of execution, we challenge ourselves to continually exceed our customers’ expectations.


Retention Rate

Our people, process and technology build lasting relationships.


10 languages

Our multilingual team offers clients an extensive selection of global experts, and we recruit in 10 languages.


Successful projects

We specialize in providing clients with expertise across a broad array of industries.



More than 60% of our customers recommend our service to their peers – which is a testament to the quality of our service.

Our Dynamic Network

Our extensive network is custom built, project by project, resulting in the highest quality of experts in the industry. By continuously recruiting new experts into our network, we arm our clients with the most current knowledge across all industries, job functions and company types.



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Consumer Goods and Services
Social Real Estate and Industrials
Healthcare and Education
Social Coach-Tech, Training and HRDs
Tech, Social Media and Telecom
Our Offices

Connecting You to the World

Our network consists of experts located in more than 125 countries. With offices in five locations, our multilingual research team speaks more than 20 languages and recruits professionals across the globe.