Expert Surveys

Consulting Firm Chooses SBFund Over Third-Party Market Research Firm to Survey 100 Big Data Industry Specialists


The Need for a Research Partner

Chung is a Senior Consultant for one of the world’s leading global consultancies. In this capacity he is responsible for managing teams of consultants who work on a variety of client engagements. Often Chung’s team is required to quickly develop a current and detailed understanding of the trends and competitive landscape of a specific industry.  

Recently, Chung’s team was asked to develop recommendations on a project that required an understanding of the risks and market opportunities related to storing and using Big Data across global networks. Chung had an important meeting scheduled with his client the following week, so his team needed to conduct their initial discovery phase within a very tight timescale.   

Chung turned to Matt, his Client Manager at SBFund and Social Think-Tank, to get access to fresh insights from carefully selected Big Data experts as well as IT professionals experienced in implementing large and diverse data structures across multinational corporations. Chung and Matt had worked together on a number of other projects, and Matt understood he needed to respond quickly to meet Chung strict deadline.  

We are flexible when providing services to our clients, and each client has very distinct research needs, but that doesn’t change the quality of service we provide.

— Matt, SBFund Client Manager


Tailored Survey Services and Timely Expertise

Within 12 hours, Matt provided Chung with more than 20 highly-qualified expert profiles, and Chung and his team were immediately able to begin their consultations with Big Data industry specialists.

Keeping Chung’s overall research objectives in mind, Matt also suggested that Chung consider conducting a SBFund Survey in addition to the 1-on-1 calls.  By conducting a structured Survey with a much larger group of participants, Chung would gain an even broader level of insight, and would be able to use the structured survey results in his presentation to his client. 

Chung had considered conducting a survey, but thought initially he would need to work with another market research firm for his survey needs. The SBFund team was able to quickly pull together a competitive proposal, backed by the quality and relevance of the survey panelists that were already part of the SBFund network.  Chung was encouraged by SBFund’s understanding of his issues, so he decided to proceed.

The team at SBFund really takes the time to understand my requirements, which means they recommend the right research solution, which saves my team a lot of time and helps us deliver the best results for our clients.

— Chung, Senior Consultant for a leading Global Consultancy


Within two weeks, the SBFund Survey Team had developed, programmed and administered a questionnaire to a panel of 10 up to 100 qualified experts.  Some of the experts were drawn from SBFund’s existing network, others were newly recruited for the project.  

Impressed by the exceptional service and high quality of data he received, Chung decided to partner with SBFund for his firm’s survey needs going forward.

In addition to streamlining the research process, Chung’s team discovered a valuable new way to leverage SBFund’s experts through its Survey service, which enables clients to efficiently gain insights from a large number of industry practitioners.

SBFund Surveys are a very valuable resource to have at our fingertips.   We can quickly get insights from a representative group, and use the statistics gleaned from these surveys in our client discussions.

— Chung, Senior Consultant for a leading Global Consultancy